• NPPA'S HELPLINE NO. 1800111255

2 Bulk Drugs and its derivatives on 09th April

Dated : 11th April, 2012

The NPPA has fixed/revised the price of 2 Bulk Drugs and its derivatives on 09th April, 2012.


The fixed/revised notified prices shall become effective within 15 days from the date of notification in the Official Gazette. All formulators utilizing these drugs in their scheduled formulations are advised to follow the provisions of DPCO, 1995.

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Sl. No. Name of the Bulk Drug S.O. No./ Date
(i) Vitamin C and its derivatives 761(E) / 9th April, 2012
(ii) Parachlorometaxylenol (PCMX) 762(E) / 9th April, 2012

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