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(Published in Part II, Section 3, Sub Section (ii) of the
Gazette of India Extraordinary)

Government of India
Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
Department of Pharmaceuticals
(National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority)

                                                                New Delhi, the 28th November, 2011



S.O. 2691(E)- In exercise of the powers, conferred by sub-paragraphs (1) and (2) of paragraph 9 of the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995, read with No. S.O. 637 (E) dated the 4th September, 1997 issued by the Government of India in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers and in supersession of the Order of the Government of India in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority) No. S.O. 3031(E), dated 23rd December, 2010, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, hereby fixes the prices as specified in column (5) of the table below as ceiling prices exclusive of excise duty and local tax, if any, and in column (6) of the table below as Equivalent MRP inclusive of excise duty and education cess, sales tax/VAT of each of the Scheduled formulations specified in the corresponding entry in column (2) of the said Table with the strength and pack size specified respectively in the corresponding entries in columns (3) and (4) thereof:



Sl. No. Name of the  Formulation Strength Pack Size Ceiling Price (Rs.) Equivalent MRP
*(inclusive of all taxes)
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
-- -- Each tablet contains




1. Tablet of Ibuprofen+
Paracetamol & Others
Ibuprofen -400mg
Paracetamol-325 mg
10’s Strip/Blister 7.53 8.11

*Subject to actual payment of Government levies/taxes, as applicable.


  1. Additional cost of Rs. 0.08 per pack specified in Column (4) of above table towards use of Hologram shall be added wherever provided.

    For all the other tablet formulations containing Ibuprofen + Paracetamol with or without other active ingredients having composition different from contents mentioned in Column (3) of the above table, the following adjustment shall be made by a manufacturer to work out the maximum retail price (MRP) for a product under the said order for formulation (s) in column No. 2, when there is a change in the composition and the following factors (which are inclusive of admissible MAPE) shall be added / subtracted as the case may be to the notified ceiling price given in column No. 5 of the table on the following basis:

    For each 10 tablets in strip / blister:

    1. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Ibuprofen Rs. 0.10465 shall be added / subtracted.
    2. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Paracetamol/Acetaminophen Rs. 0.03926 shall be added / subtracted.
    3. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Caffeine (Any) Rs. 0.0921 shall be added / subtracted.
    4. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Magnesium Trisilicate Rs. 0.0089 shall be added / subtracted.
    5. For each 5 mg or part thereof of Pseudoephedrine HCL Rs. 0.2105 shall be added / subtracted.
    6. For each 1 mg or part thereof of Chlorpheniramine Maleate Rs. 0.0135 shall be added / subtracted.
    7. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Chlorzoxazone Rs. 0.1187 shall be added / subtracted.
    8. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Methacarbamol Rs. 0.1074 shall be added / subtracted.
    9. For each 5 mg or part thereof of Dextropropoxyphene HCL Rs. 0.3277 shall be added / subtracted.
    10. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Diclofenac Sodium Rs. 0.0870 shall be added / subtracted.
    11. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Diclofenac Pottasium Rs. 0.1023 shall be added / subtracted.
    12. For each 10 mg or part thereof of Dicyclomene HCl Rs. 0.2762 shall be added / subtracted.
    13. For each 1 mg or part thereof of Codeine Phosphate Rs. 0.7306 shall be added / subtracted.
    14. For each 5 mg or part thereof of Baralgen Ketone Rs. 0.2721 shall be added / subtracted.
    15. For each 0.1 mg or part thereof of Baralgen Amide Rs. 0.0435 shall be added / subtracted.
    16. For each 1 mg or part thereof of Serratiopeptidose Rs. 0.2989 shall be added / subtracted
    17. For each 1 mg or part thereof of Tizanidine Rs. 0.2005 shall be added / subtracted
    18. For each 5 mg or part thereof of Tramadol Rs. 0.2353 shall be added / subtracted
    19. For each 1 mg or part thereof of Racemethionine Rs. 0.1472 shall be added / subtracted
    20. For each 5 mg or part thereof of Famotidine Rs. 0.1941 shall be added / subtracted
  2. The prices fixed are the maximum retail prices in column (6) (inclusive of excise duty and local taxes if any) for the specified pack and packs of similar strength, and companies cannot claim exemption on any ground therefrom, unless specifically permitted by the Government/NPPA through an order.
  3. The companies / manufacturers may added taxes only if they have paid actually to the Government on the price mentioned in the column (5).  If there is any variation in the MRP (inclusive of the taxes), the same may be intimated to the NPPA in the Form-V of DPCO, 1995.
  4. Pro-rata pricing for packs of same composition but of different sizes will be applicable vide S.O. No. 83(E) dated 27.1.1998 for tablet and capsule packed in strip/blister.
  5. For different packing material used or, different drug delivery systems or any other special features/forms claimed, the ceiling prices, as specified in Column No. 5 above, shall be applicable unless the companies approaches NPPA for specific price approvals for its formulations.
  6. The prices fixed/notified hereinabove under the provisions of DPCO, 1995 have to be mandatorily implemented by the manufacturing /marketing company notwithstanding its status of compliance of conditions for such formulation pack under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
  7. The manufacturer and marketing company for the above said formulation shall be required to take the requisite prior approval from the competent Authority for any change in the composition of the above said formulation with written prior intimation to the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority.
  8. The ceiling price arrived on the basis of above shall not exceed the MRP by multiplying the ceiling price by a factor of 1.0696 as per the existing rates of excise duty and VAT.
  9. The MRP arrived as above shall be subject to payment of Government levies / taxes as applicable and necessary adjustment in the factor of 1.0696 shall necessarily be required to be made by the manufacturer/marketing company, whenever the existing rate of excise duty and/or VAT undergoes a change, subject to the condition that the excise duty and/or VAT so calculated shall in no case exceed the actual excise duty and/or VAT paid by the manufacturer/marketing company or as applicable as per the factor of 1.0696. The manufacturer/marketing company shall be specifically liable to ensure the compliance of this condition.
  10. Any other formulation / composition not covered in the above table that has any one of the scheduled drugs in Column No. (3) as one of its ingredients, it shall be subject to the price ceiling at respective serial number of the table, as the case may be, unless the manufacturer has got hereafter specific price fixed by the NPPA for that formulation.
  11. The manufacturer or marketing company not complying with the ceiling prices and conditions specified in notes hereinabove within 15 days from the date of above said notification, shall be liable to deposit overcharged amount along with the interest under the provisions of the DPCO, 1995 read with the EC Act, 1955.
  12. Consequent to the issue of ceiling price of the formulation pack(s) in this notification, the price order(s) issued prior to this date of notification stand automatically withdrawn.


F. No. 8(32)/2011/D.P./NPPA-Div.II

Deputy Director

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