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Annexure I(Refer to Paragraph 6.1)

Industry Policy-Government Decision
Press Note dated 2nd Dec., 1973.

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals – For FERA Drug Companies

Following bulk drugs subject to a phased manufacture programme, and formulations based thereon with an overall ratio of bulk drug consumption (from own manufacture) to formulations from all sources of 1:4.

  1. Streptomycin
  2. Tetracycline
  3. Oxytetracycline
  4. Gentamycin
  5. Sulphaguanidine
  6. Sulphadimidine
  7. Sulphamethoxy-pyridazine
  8. Sulphadimethoxine
  9. Vitamin B1
  10. Vitamin B2
  11. Folic Acid
  12. Quinine
  13. Analgin
  14. Phenobarbitone
  15. Morphine

Any new drug for which the company conducted clinical trials and obtained Drug Controller’s approval.
Polio Vaccine
Measles Vaccine
For non-FERA MRTP companies the existing definition would continue i.e. all bulk drugs and formulations subject to the ratio parameters applicable on the basis of turnover and subject to reservation for the public and small scale sectors.