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NPPA fixed/ revised Prices of 25 Formulation Packs

Dated : 19th January, 2004

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has revised / fixed the prices of 25 formulation packs as on 15th January, 2004. Out of these packs the Ceiling Prices in respect of 13 formulation packs have been fixed under DPCO, 1995, based on Vitamin C, one pack vide S.O.No.71(E), and Tetracycline HCL, five packs vide S.O. No.72(E) & S.O. No.75(E), and for the first time, four formulation packs based on Betamethsone Sodium Phosphate vide S.O.No.76(E) dated 15th January, 2004. The prices of 12 Non-Ceiling Packs based on the bulk drug Vitamin E, Pyrithioxine and Chloroxylenol have also been fixed by the NPPA. The NPPA for the first time has allowed the additional cost for spurious prevention, in the form of hologram labeling.

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  1. Copy of Explanatory Note
  2. Copy of Statement (for details of existing and revised prices).
  3. Copies of Gazette Notifications for Ceiling Prices
S.No S.O.No Date Formulation
i. 71(E) 15-1-2004 Vitamin C
ii. 72(E) 15-1-2004 Tetracycline
iii. 73(E) 15-1-2004 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone
iv. 74(E) 15-1-2004 Tobramycin and Dexamethasone
v. 75(E) 15-1-2004 Tetracycline
vi. 76(E) 15-1-2004 Betamethasone with Combination


  1. Copies of Non Ceiling Price Orders
Sl. No. Company Name Product Name/No. of Pack(s)
(i) M/s. E. MERCK LIMITED Evion LC Tablets(1 pack)
(ii) M/s. E. MERCK LIMITED Encephabol 100 mg Tablet(1 pack)
Encephabol 200 mg Tablet(1 pack)
Encephabol Suspension(1 pack)
(iii) M/s. Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. Dettol Antiseptic Liquid (8 packs)

(Dr. P.V. Appaji)

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