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NPPA fixed/ revised Prices of 4 Bulk Drugs

Dated : 16th January, 2004

NPPA has revised the prices of bulk drugs Carbamezapine, Aspirin, Analgin, Doxycycline Hcl and Spironolactone. The prices in respect of bulk drugs Carbamezapine, Aspirin and Analgin have been revised after conducting the detailed cost price study of M/s Jubilant Organosys, (for Carbamazepine) M/s Alta Labs and M/s Andhra Sugars (for Aspirin) and M/s Vani Chemicals (for Analgin). The price of the bulk drug Doxycycline Hcl has been revised based on available information with NPPA. The price of bulk drug Spironolactone has been revised as M/s RPG Life Sciences has re-started the production of the drug in the country. The revised price is comparable with the import price of the drug. The import price had also been considered while fixing the prices of Spironolactone based formulations. The details of pre-revised and revised prices are given below:


Name of the drug Unit Pre-revised Price
Revised Price
Aspirin Kg 115 119
Carbamezapine Kg 3800 3103
Analgin (Metamizole) Kg 378 437
Doxycycline Hcl Kg 4138 1855
Spironolactone Kg 17115 26619

The revised notified prices shall become effective within 15 days from the date of notification in the Official Gazette. All formulators utilizing these drugs in their scheduled formulations are advised to follow the provisions of DPCO, 1995.

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Sl. No. Name of the Bulk Drug S.O. No./ Date
(i) Carbamezapine 63(E) / 14th January, 2004
(ii) Aspirin 64(E) / 14th January, 2004
(iii) Analgin (Metamizole) 65(E) / 14th January, 2004
(iv) Doxycycline Hcl 66(E) / 14th January, 2004
(v) Spironolactone 67(E) / 14th January, 2004


(Dr. P.V. Appaji)
Director (M&S)

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