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NPPA has fixed/ revised prices of 70formulations packs on 24th December, 2002.

Dated : 26th December, 2002

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has revised/fixed the prices of 70 formulation packs on 24th December, 2002. Ceiling prices have been fixed for some commonly used Scheduled formulations for the first time. In case of 50 packs prices have been revised downwards whereas in 8 packs prices have been increased. Out of 70 formulation packs, ceiling prices have been fixed in respect of 31. The formulations for which ceiling prices have been fixed/ revised include products based on bulk drugs like Insulins, Penicillins, ICHQ, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C etc. The formulations are used in various treatments/ diseases like diabetes, anti-biotics, bacterial infection, deficiency of vitamins etc. The prices fixed/revised would become effective within 15 days and the manufacturers/importers are required to issue the revised price list to NPPA, State Drugs Controllers, Distributors etc.

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  1. Copy of Press Release/Explanatory Note
  2. Copy of Statement showing Existing and Revised prices.
  3. Ceiling Price
S.No S.O.No Date Formulations based on
a. 1353(E) 24-12-2002 Idochlorhydroxyquinoline Tablet/ Cream
b. 1354(E) 24-12-2002 Multi Vitamin Injection
c. 1355(E) 24-12-2002 Procain Penicillin G +Sod. Benzyl Penicllin G Injection
d. 1356(E) 24-12-2002 Procain Penicillin G +Sod. Benzyl Penicllin G Injection
e. 1357(E) 24-12-2002 Penicillin G Sodium Injection
f. 1358(E) 24-12-2002 Vitamin C with Citrus Biflavonoid Compound Capsules
g. 1359(E) 24-12-2002 Vitamin C Tablet
h. 1360(E) 24-12-2002 Vitamin C Tablet Chewable
i. 1361(E) 24-12-2002 Multivitamin Syrup/ Drops
j. 1362(E) 24-12-2002 Multivitamin Injection
k. 1363(E) 24-12-2002 Vitamin B/ Vitamin C Capsules/Tablet
l. 1364(E) 24-12-2002 Multivitamin Inj. 10ml – Notification withdrawn (S.O.403(E) dt.10.5.01)
  1. Non Ceiling Prices
Sl. No. Company Name Product Name/No. of Pack(s)
(i) M/s. Abbott Laboratories (I) Ltd./Pharmacia India Surbex -T Tablets (2 packs)/Zenbex -T Tablets (1 pack)
(ii) M/s. Albert David Siochrome Tablet (2 packs)
(iii) M/s. American Remedies E- Carotin Soft Capsule (1 pack)
(iv) M/s. Anglo French Drugs & Industries Ltd. Beplex Forte Elixer (1 pack)/ Mexamin Forte Tablet (2 packs)
(v) M/s. Aristo Pharma Revup Capsule (1 pack)
(vi) M/s. Cynamid/ Wyeth Lederle Stress Caps (2 packs)
(vii) M/s. E. Merck India Ltd. Anemidox Capsules (2 packs)
(viii) M/s. East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. Calron CZ Capsule (1 pack)
(ix) M/s. Eli-Lilly & Company (I) Pvt. Ltd. Cartridge Monocomponent Human (1 pack)
(x) M/s. Fourrts India Selltoc AC Tablet (1 pack)
(xi) M/s. IDPL Cebexin Tablets (1 pack)
(xii) M/s. J.K. Drugs & Pharma Oxyfree Tablet (1 pack)
(xiii) M/s. Lark Labs Poly-B Syrup (6 packs)
(xiv) M/s. Mapra Lab Selace Capsule (1 pack)
(xv) M/s. Raptakos Brett & Company Ltd. Hovite Drops (1 pack)
(xvi) M/s. Smith Stanistreet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Hemolivit Capsule (1 pack)
(xvii) M/s. Solus Socrit Capsule (1 pack)
(xviii) M/s. Stadmed Styptocid Tablet (1 pack)
(xix) M/s. Unichem/ Sidemak Labs Ltd. Ridage Tablet (1 pack)
(xx) M/s. Wockhardt Free Cad Soft Capsule (1 pack)

(Dr. P.V. Appaji)
Director (M&S)

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