• NPPA'S HELPLINE NO. 1800111255

NPPA has fixed/revised the prices in respect of 258 formulation packs

Dated : 16th March, 2011

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has fixed / revised the prices in respect of 258 formulation packs and Norms for Non PVC Bag with EVOH/Oxygen Barrier Properties and two ports on bag vide notifications / orders dated 14.03.2011.

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Copies of Gazette Notifications for Ceiling/Non-Ceiling Prices
S.No S.O.No Date Formulation based on bulk drugs
i. 522(E) 14-3-2011 Norms for Non PVC Bag with EVOH/Oxygen Barrier Properties and two ports on bag
ii. 523(E) 14-3-2011 Doxofylline with combinations
iii. 524(E) 14-3-2011 Cefotaxime
iv. 525(E) 14-3-2011 Rifampicin with combinations
v. 526(E) 14-3-2011 Sulphadoxine with combination
vi. 527(E) 14-3-2011 Dexamethasone
vii. 528(E) 14-3-2011 Lincomycin
viii. 529(E) 14-3-2011 Theophylline with combination
ix. 530(E) 14-3-2011 Ranitidine with combination
x. 531(E) 14-3-2011 Pseudoephedrine with combination
xi. 532(E) 14-3-2011 Salbutamol+Theophylline
xii. 533(E) 14-3-2011 Salbutamol+Theophylline
xiii. 534(E) 14-3-2011 Rifampicin
xiv. 535(E) 14-3-2011 Prednisolone
xv. 536(E) 14-3-2011 Prednisolone
xvi. 537(E) 14-3-2011 Metronidazole with combination
xvii. 538(E) 14-3-2011 Metronidazole with combination
xviii. 539(E) 14-3-2011 Metronidazole with combination
xix. 540(E) 14-3-2011 Metronidazole with combination
xx. 541(E) 14-3-2011 Lincomycin
xxi. 542(E) 14-3-2011 Norfloxacin with combinations
xxii. 543(E) 14-3-2011 Norfloxacin with combinations
xxiii. 544(E) 14-3-2011 Salbutamol with combinations
xxiv. 545(E) 14-3-2011 Prednisolone
xxv. 546(E) 14-3-2011 Gentamycin
xxvi. 547(E) 14-3-2011 Dexamethasone
xxvii. 548(E) 14-3-2011 Prednisolone Acetate
xxviii. 549(E) 14-3-2011 Pred Forte
xix. 550(E) 14-3-2011 Monocomponent Insulin
xxx. 551(E) 14-3-2011 Vitalux Plus
xxxi. 552(E) 14-3-2011 Depo/Medrol/Solu Medrol
xxxii. 553(E) 14-3-2011 Daivobet Ointment
xxxiii. 554(E) 14-3-2011 Insuman Basal
xxxiv. 555(E) 14-3-2011 Insugen / Recombinant Human Insulin
xxxv. 556(E) 14-3-2011 Ciprofloxacin / Metronidazole Injection
xxxvi. 557(E) 14-3-2011 Minilactone Forte Tablet
xxxvii. 558(E) 14-3-2011 Wosulin
xxxviii. 559(E) 14-3-2011 Dettol Antiseptic

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