• NPPA'S HELPLINE NO. 1800111255

NPPA has revised / fixed the prices of 90 formulation packs as on 20th October, 2004

Dated : 26th October, 2004

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has revised / fixed the prices of 90 formulation packs as on 20th October, 2004. Of these, Ceiling Prices in respect of 63 formulation packs have been fixed under DPCO, 1995 based on bulk drugs Frusemide (one pack), Pentoxyfylline (one pack), Cefotaxime Sodium (ten packs), Cefotaxime sodium combination (four packs), Carbamezapine (six packs), Chloroquine Phosphate (six packs), Prednisolone (five packs), Erythromycin Stearate (seven Packs), Erthyromycin Ethyl Succinate (six packs), Erythromycin Base (eleven packs), Oxytetracycline HCL (two Packs), Ibuprofen combination (two packs) and Vitamins (two packs). The prices of 27 non-ceiling packs which includes one imported insulin formulation have also been fixed by the NPPA.

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  1. Copy of Explanatory Note
  2. Copy of Statement (for details of existing and revised prices).
  3. Copies of Gazette Notifications for Ceiling Prices
S.No S.O.No Date Formulation
i. 1148(E) 20-10-2004 Pentoxyfylline
ii. 1149(E) 20-10-2004 Frusemide
iii. 1150(E) 20-10-2004 Cefotaxime Sodium
iv. 1151(E) 20-10-2004 Cefotaxime Sodium with Sulbactam Sod.
v. 1152(E) 20-10-2004 Cefotaxime Sodium with Sulbactam Sod.
vi. 1153(E) 20-10-2004 Cefotaxime Sodium
vii. 1154(E) 20-10-2004 Carbamazepine
viii. 1155(E) 20-10-2004 Chloroquine Phosphate
ix. 1156(E) 20-10-2004 Prednisolone
x. 1157(E) 20-10-2004 Erythromycin
xi. 1158(E) 20-10-2004 Erythromycin
xii. 1159(E) 20-10-2004 Erythromycin Sterate
xiii. 1160(E) 20-10-2004 Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate
xiv. 1161(E) 20-10-2004 Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate
xv. 1162(E) 20-10-2004 Erythromycin Base
xvi. 1163(E) 20-10-2004 Oxytetracycline
xvii. 1164(E) 20-10-2004 Ibuprofen+Paracetamol and Ibuprofen+Paracetamol+Caffine
xviii. 1165(E) 20-10-2004 Multivitamin and Mineral


  1. Copies of Non Ceiling Price Orders
Sl. No. Company Name Product Name/No. of Pack(s)
(i) M/s. AVENTIS PHARMA LTD. Lantus 100iu/ml vial(1 pack)
(ii) M/s. BIOLOGICAL E. LTD. Gaspaz-DS Tablet (1 pack)
(iii) M/s. BIOTECH MEDICAL PVT. LTD. Broncoril Syrup (1 pack)
(iv) M/s. BIOCON LTD. Insugen-R, Insugen-N and Insugen 30/70(3 packs)
(v) M/s. EMCURE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. Tenovate G Cream(1 pack)
(vi) M/s. GLAXO SMITHKLINE PHARMACEUTICALS Betnovate Cream (3 packs)/Vintenurin Injection (1 pack)
(vii) M/s. LARK LABS (INDIA) LTD. Poly B Syrup (6 packs)
(viii) M/s. LYKA LABS LTD. Angemet tabets (2 packs)/Angefur Tablets (1 pack)
(ix) M/s. MERCK LTD. Encephabol Tablet (2 packs)/Encephabol Suspension(1 pack)
(x) M/s. PFIZER LTD. Terramycin SF Capsules(2 packs)
(xi) M/s. SYSTOPIC LABS LTD. Acnesol Topical Solution(1 pack)
(xii) M/s. TTK HEALTHCARE LTD. Nepoclox vet Inj.(1 pack)

(K. K. JAIN)

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