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NPPA has revised the price of the scheduledbulk drug, Pentazocine from Rs.38,498/Kg to Rs.35,512/Kg on 23rd December, 2002.

Dated : 24th December, 2002

NPPA has revised the price of bulk drug Pentazocine from Rs.38,498/kg. to Rs.35,512/Kg. vide notification in the Gazette of India Extraordinary No. S.O. 1348 (E) dated 23rd December, 2002. The price has been revised under the provisions of DPCO, 1995 after conducting the cost cum technical study of the said bulk drug. For details please click the following :-

1. Press Release/Explanatory Note.

2. Copy of Gazette Notification : – S.O. No. 1348(E) dated 23rd December, 2002.

(Dr. P.V. Appaji)

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