• NPPA'S HELPLINE NO. 1800111255

NPPA invites proposals from interested parties for study / data on generic sales drugs.

Dated : 30th June, 2004

Several references have been received in NPPA regarding existence of wide gap between the retail price and wholesale price of some medicines. It is also stated that such huge trade margins are offered by the manufacturers to the trade to the detriment of consumers. However, the market position with respect to such drugs is not available. NPPA proposes to examine the matter with reference to provisions of Drugs Price Control Order 1995.

Interested parties who can provide annual estimated sale of such drugs in the country are requested to submit their quotations to NPPA with brief methodology and other terms and conditions. For a copy of the letter addressed to some organizations on the subject please click here.

(Dr. P.V. Appaji)

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