• NPPA'S HELPLINE NO. 1800111255


Date Particulars
06/02/1999 NPPA fixes ceiling/non-ceiling prices of some drug formulations.
01/03/1999 NPPA has notified the bulk drug the bulk drug prices of Theophylline,
Rifampicin and Aspirin
07/04/1999 (a) Government constitutes two committees
(b) Paragraps 14&15 of DPCO, 1995 amended relating to printing of prices of formulations
(c) NPPA has notified/revised prices of bulk drugs, Ranitidine and
Dimethyl Chlorotetracycline.
16/04/1999 (a) Shri S. K. Sood, I.A.S, takes charge as Member Secretary, NPPA
(b) NPPA fixes/revises ceiling prices for Vitamin B Complex and other formulations.
8/06/1999 Shri Arun Kumar, I.A.S., takes over charge as Chairman, NPPA
26/06/1999 NPPA fixes/revises ceiling prices of Ranitidine, Rifampicin and Prednisolone formulations
8/06/1999 NPPA fixes/revises bulk drug price of Dextropropoxyphene HCl.
23/06/1999 NPPA fixes/revises ceiling /non-ceiling prices of some formulations.
17/07/1999 NPPA notifies Norms for CC, PC and PL under DPCO 1995.
02/08/1999 NPPA issues a Notice on ceiling prices of Vitamin formulations.
12/08/1999 NPPA fixes/revises ceiling/non-ceiling prices of Rifampicin and other formulations.
23/08/1999 NPPA issues a Press Note for the attention of Small Scale Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
27/08/1999 (a) NPPA revises bulk drug prices of Pentoxyfylline, Sulphamoxole and Frusemide.
(b) NPPA fixes/revises ceiling/non-ceiling prices of Tetracycline, Vitamin B
Complex formulations etc.
03/09/1999 NPPA fixes/revises prices of bulk drugs Oxytetracycline and Carbamezapine.
13/09/1999 Corrigendum on Vitamin formulations issued.
15/10/1999 (a) Clarifications to Associations issued.
(b) Notification relating to printing on Labels temporarily stayed.
04/11/1999 NPPA revises bulk drug prices of Vitamin A and Salts.
18/11/1999 (a) NPPA fixes/revises ceiling/non-ceiling prices of Salbutamol and other formulations
(b) NPPA fixes bulk drug prices of Ibuprofen and Erythromycin


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