• NPPA'S HELPLINE NO. 1800111255



Scheduled Bulk Drug – PENTOXYFYLLINE (Including its salts, esters, sterio isomers and derivatives).

(Please Check / Confirm the Ceiling Price from Official Gazette before use)


Sl.No. Name of Formulation/Composition Pack Size Ceiling Price
Excise Duty)
S.O. No.
of the
Date of
1 Pentoxyfyllin SR/CR/DR/
ER/LR/MR/TR Tab. – 400
400mg/SR/CR/DR/ER/LR/MR/TR Tab.
10’s Strip/Blister 17.92 657(E) 24.03.2008
2 Pentoxyfyllin Injection – 20
15ml Ampoule 6.40 1148(E) 20.10.2004
3 Pentoxyfyllin Infusion
300mg / Ampoule
15ml Ampoule 6.22 1352(E) 16.9.2005



  1. The prices fixed are the maximum ceiling prices (exclusive of excise duty and local taxes if any) for the specified pack and packs of similar strength, and companies cannot claim exemption on any ground thereform, unless specifically permitted by the Government/NPPA through and order.
  2. Pro-rata pricing for packs of same composition but of different sizes will be applicable vide S.O. No. 83(E) dated 27.1.1998.
  3. For different packing material used or any special feature claimed, companies are required to approach NPPA for approval/fixation of specific prices.

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