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Press Release/Explanatory Note

F.No. 8(39)/2002-DP/NPPA-Div.-II

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers
Government of India

2E/21, Jhandewalan Extn.,
New Delhi-110 055
Dated : 1st February, 2002

Explanatory Note

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has revised/fixed the prices of 62 formulation packs on January 31, 2001. Prices have been fixed for the first time in the case of 12 formulation packs. In the case of 45 packs prices have been revised downward, ranging from 5.77% to 90.26%. In the case of 4 packs, prices have been increased, ranging from 6.76% to 16.60%. There is no change in price in 1 pack. Out of these 62 packs, the prices of 57 packs were revised on a suo-moto basis as per the provisions of the DPCO, 1995.

Of the 62 formulation packs, ceiling prices (exclusive of excise duty and local taxes etc.) have been fixed in respect of 61 packs. Non-ceiling prices have been fixed in respect of the remaining 1 pack. Prices have been fixed/revised in accordance with the provisions of the DPCO, 1995 and as per the established criteria and guidelines. A copy of the statement showing the existing (where available) and revised prices is enclosed herewith. The information is also available on NPPA’s website www.nppaindia.nic.in.

The formulations for which prices have been revised/fixed includes Pseudoephedrine Combinations which are used in the treatment of cough & cold, Diosmin based formulations which are used in the treatment of heart diseas, Trimethoprim based Formulation which are used in the treatment of bacteria-infection, Insulin based formulation which are used in diabetics, Pheniramine Maleate based formulations used in the treatment of allergic disorders.

The prices fixed/revised would become effective within 15 days from the date of notification in the official gazette or the receipt of the order of the NPPA in this behalf, as per Para 14(1) of DPCO, 1995.  Necessary revised price list is to be issued by the manufacturers/importers required under sub paragraph (3) of paragraph 14 of the DPCO, 1995.  Accordingly, as per the provisions of the DPCO, the revised price list in Form-V is to be furnished by the concerned manufacturer(s) to the government/NPPA, State Drug Control Authorities and distributors, wholesalers and retailers, etc.

The manufacturers are also required to work out the pro-rata prices of different pack sizes as the case may be in terms of S.O. No. 83 (E) dated 27.01.98.

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