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NPPA has fixed/revised the prices in respect of 69 formulation packs on 8th November, 2006

Dated : 9th November, 2006

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has fixed / revised the prices in respect of 69 formulation packs vide notifications / orders dated 8.11.2006.

For details please click the following:

  1. Copy of Statement (for details of existing and revised prices).
  2. Copies of Gazette Notifications for Ceiling Prices
S.No S.O.No Date Formulation based on bulk drugs
i. 1915(E) 8-11-2006 Vitamin E Acetate with combinations
ii. 1916(E) 8-11-2006 Prednisolone
iii. 1917(E) 8-11-2006 Cefadroxyl with combinations
iv. 1918(E) 8-11-2006 Gentamycin
v. 1919(E) 8-11-2006 Erythromycin
vi. 1920(E) 8-11-2006 Gentamycin with combinations
vii. 1921(E) 8-11-2006 Rifampicin with combinations
viii. 1922(E) 8-11-2006 Theophylline with Ketotifen
ix. 1923(E) 8-11-2006 Betamethasone with combinations
x. 1924(E) 8-11-2006 Metronidazole with combinations
xi. 1925(E) 8-11-2006 Trimethoprim with Sulphamethoxazole
xii. 1926(E) 8-11-2006 Pyrimethamine with Sulphadoxine
xiii. 1927(E) 8-11-2006 Frusemide with combinations
xiv. 1928(E) 8-11-2006 Gentamycin
xv. 1929(E) 8-11-2006 Vitamin E with combinations
xvi. 1930(E) 8-11-2006 Dexamethasone with combinations
xvii. 1931(E) 8-11-2006 Calcium Pantothenate
xviii. 1932(E) 8-11-2006 Salbutamol with combinations
xix. 1933(E) 8-11-2006 Multivitamin with combinations
xx. 1934(E) 8-11-2006 Multivitamin partial modification with factor of Vitamin K
  1. Copies of Non Ceiling Price Orders
Sl. No. Company Name Product Name/No. of Pack(s)
(i) Eli-Lilly and company (India) Pvt.Ltd. Monocomponent Insulin (4 Packs)
(ii) Cachet NE-200 & 400 Plus (2 Packs) / O-NE Capsules (1 pack)
(iii) Cadila Pharma EC-350 Tablet & Capsules (2 Packs)
(iv) Merck Limited Osto Polybion Syrup (1 Pack)
(v) Merck Limited Evion-LC Tablet (1 Pack)
(vi) Shreya Life Sciences Ltd. Recosulin (2 Packs)